Don’t take it from us! 

These videos offer testimonials from leaders around the region acknowledging Psi Iota Xi for assistance in funding their excellent projects.

1/8/15 – 2:59 – Rodney Gabbel, Associate Professor at Bowling Green State University discusses how funding supports clinics for speech therapy and workshops for clinicians.

1/8/15 – 2:49 – Nancy Minghetti, Executive Director of the American Speech Language Hearing Foundation discusses the benefits of support they have received from Psi Iota Xi.

8/10/15 – 10:17 – Dr. Tamala Bradham, Assistant Professor of Speech and Hearing Sciences at Vanderbilt University discusses Vanderbilt’s Audiology program as being among the best in the nation.

1/8/15 – 0:58 – Mary Peterson, Clinical Faculty Member at Western Michigan University tells about an annual lecture series focused on the topics of hearing and learning disorders.

4/11/16 – 3:29 – Barb Meyers, MA Ed, CED, Early Intervention Therapist and ihear Therapist discusses therapy for young children. ihear is based on a coaching model to teach your child listening and spoken language.

8/14/16 – 1:21 – Learn about Camp Shout Out – a good place for kids who stutter!  Camp Shout Out is also a good place for speech therapists and others who care about children with speech difficulty.

1/8/15 – 1:49 – Katie Vaden, Project Representative – Professional Preparation and Cochlear Implant Projects, discusses a program designed for teachers to be prepared for working with students who have hearing loss.

1/8/15 – 2:17 – Beatrice Pfaff, Committee Member of The Deaf Youth Sports Festival, discusses the outstanding financial support they receive from Psi Iota Xi.  The majority of Festival attendees require some financial support.