Who can join Psi Iota Xi?


Any woman 18 or older who is interested in joining us in supporting our dedicated commitment to speech and hearing, music, art or literature is urged to contact us for more information and to find your local chapter.  Psi Iota Xi is also known in its many local chapters for various community assistance endeavors.

What are the benefits of joining?


Digging beneath mounds of cheese balls, spring flowers, fall flowers, reports, Helicons, conventions, festivals, minutes, scholarships and hearing aids, you will find the heart of Psi Iota Xi: sisterhood.

Psi Iota Xi is an organization of women who honor and respect one another, and come together to work toward the benefit of others.

Psi Iota Xi offers women the opportunity to give back to their communities and to positively impact the lives of many. By joining together in service, the women of Psi Iota Xi raise funds for scholarships, hearing aids, cochlear implants, library books, music camps and art exhibits, just to name a few of the many philanthropic projects sponsored by our Chapters, State Associations and National Organization.  See our Giving Summary page for details.

Psi Iota Xi offers women the opportunity to serve as leaders, both in their own Chapters and in their communities. Whether as chairperson of a Chapter committee or as National President, the women of Psi Iota Xi step forward to make things happen. Furthermore, as an extension of their Psi Ote service, many sisters continue to aid their communities in service agencies, on philanthropic boards and through elected offices.

Psi Iota Xi offers women an opportunity for socialization and networking. In the busy lives of today’s women, our Chapters become havens of celebration and comfort as sisters share each other’s joys, accomplishments and sorrows. Although Psi Ote sisters work hard, they also play hard, and take the time to laugh and enjoy their time together. We look to our sisters for support and advice, whether it be in our families, careers or other endeavors.

When women commit themselves to the sisterhood of Psi Iota Xi, they commit to the aims and ideals of our organization. Psi Iota Xi, in turn, commits itself to that sister, and strives toward the mutual benefit and enjoyment of all.

District Chapters are based on location.  Below is our latest chapter listing.

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Please complete the Contact Form to send an email to our national office. We’ll do our best to reply within 24 hours unless we receive your message over a weekend or nationally/regionally recognized holiday. Thank you for your interest in Psi Iota Xi.

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