July Message from the President

2017 06 29 1352The 2018 Convention theme is “Psi Iota Xi Sisters are Treasured Gems”. Each month we will try to write an article about a gem stone.ruby small

Now we begin with the Ruby Gem stone. This gem is known for its qualities of hardness, durability and luster. To me, this sounds a little like a Psi Iota Xi member. Sisters need to be tough. We meet challenges and withstand many fund raisers and some long meetings while still shining. The ruby is the most desirable gem stone. Its beautiful red, bright color is famed and fabled. Are you like a ruby? I know we can be like the ruby with bright ideas and beautiful thoughts.

Rubies are a variety of the mineral corundum. They get their color from the element chromium which causes the ruby to glow like a fire within. The word ruby comes from the Latin word rebeus which means red. We all know someone who is a special Psi Ote to us. Their passion for Psi Iota Xi burns like a fire within, which they love to share.

Rubies are symbolic of passion, protection and prosperity revered since ancient times. In many ways Psi Ote chapters are like the gem stone ruby. They have passion for others, help raise funds to protect their values and help others to prosper. Shine on sisters!

June Message from the President

NC VPres Bonner DSC 0396music notes clip art png 139835101453Hello Sisters!

~It's So Hard To Say Goodbye

My time as your National President has almost come to an end. In my acceptance speech, I spoke of being a third-generation legacy and what it means to not only BE a legacy but to LEAVE a legacy. There were many definitions about leaving a lasting legacy. This particular definition came to mind one day early on when my husband, Rob approached me and asked, "Who is YOUR Dr. Miyamto?" "How will YOU serve this sorority and leave this presidency and organization better?" WOW, no pressure there! To be honest, I couldn't answer his question. It is something I have thought about all year. I can tell you now, I did my best. I did my best to encourage the lives of others, to offer support, strength, and friendship. What I got in return was support, strength, and friendship! My life has been forever changed by the time I have spent on National Council and I hope that your time as a Psi Ote sister will be just as rewarding.

There is always time to do more and achieve more, to help more and serve more, to teach more and to learn more. Keep going and growing that legacy!



April Message from the President

NC VPres Bonner DSC 0396music notes clip art png 139835101453Hello Sisters!

~Secret Agent Man
I do have a secret but secrets are hard to keep! Here’s a hint - Did you know that the Iota Upsilon chapter is taking in 11 new members this month?

~Remember When
There are many dates to remember including PCR deadlines, Convention reservations, Helicon articles, etc. There are also project proposals and proposed bylaw changes to review! Watch for the mailings coming your way this month.

Remember the challenge I gave you last summer? I challenged all of you to give more this year! We were so close to a million dollars last year and my hope is we will top it this year! Keep giving sisters!



May Message from the President

NC VPres Bonner DSC 0396music notes clip art png 139835101453Hello Sisters!

~In the Merry Merry Month of May

We did it! My husband and I just finished mowing the yard before the storm came in. We also saved the two baby bunnies that ran out from underneath my mower! He “encouraged” them to safer ground so we could finish. Wish I had thought to film him doing this or at the least, taken a picture of them. Priceless.

~Tiptoe Through the Tulips

Have you sold any flowers yet? Beta Alpha has squeezed in another fundraiser in between convention planning. We sell several varieties. Remington sells the most awesome chocolate eggs with several fillings to choose from! YUM! What does your chapter sell this time of the year?

~May I Have This Dance?

The “BIG DANCE” is just around the corner! Don’t forget to send in your convention registrations by the May 15th deadline. We will be waiting for you. See you soon!



March Message from the President

NC VPres Bonner DSC 0396music notes clip art png 139835101453Hello Sisters!


By now you have received your convention packet. National Council and host chapter, Beta Alpha, Flora IN is so excited to see you in June and hope you will embrace the changes we have to offer! We are all working diligently to make this a great convention.

~It Might as Well Be Spring

We're having a lovely spring this winter! I read this statement on someone's Facebook page and agreed wholeheartedly. The upcoming arrival of spring brings chapter flower sales, spring teas, state meetings, etc. National Council loves to visit you so don't forget to add us to your invitation list for that special get-together or fundraiser you may be having.

Please, please, please tell me you've made your donation to the long-term project. Please. No more excuses!



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