In 2014 Psi Iota Xi Gave $973,695.67 

This amount includes what local chapters gave to their community; State Associations gave within their state; The varied endowments established by Psi Iota Xi; and the National donations.

TOTALS FOR PSI IOTA XI PHILANTHROPIC CONTRIBUTIONS FOR 2013 - 2014 as presented by Marcia Mohre at Convention 2014.

Total Amount Spent for Speech and Hearing - by Chapters $ 197,591.20

Total Amount Spent for Music - by Chapters $ 119,948.48

Total Amount Spent for Art - by Chapters $ 95,728.92

Total Amount Spent All Cultural - by Chapters $ 215,677.40

Total Amount Spent for “Other” - by Chapters $ 456,661.54

Total Amount Spent for Literature/Literacy Projects by Chapters $ 103,765.58

Total All Philanthropic on All Philanthropic Projects by All Psi Iota Xi

Chapters, State Associations, and National including National Grants: $973,695.67

The achievements of an organization are the result of the combined efforts of each individual member, her hard work and her dedication! I commend you all on a job well done and praise each of you for your success within your chapter, community and the world. You do make a difference!”

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