Life is a Jigsaw Puzzle

Life is a Jigsaw PuzzleLife is a jigsaw puzzle
It’s not always fun and games
Life is what you make of it
And nothing ever remains the same

Life can test your courage
It can test your inner strength endure
It can test your mental psyche
Life is a challenge for sure

Life is an exciting adventure
It can be a bumpy and rocky ride
But life is what you make of it
You don’t need a “how to” guide

Life has many dimensions
Too enormous to even count
But life should always have a purpose
Void of any amount

Life can be enlightening
Indeed it can be challenging too
It can be a roaring opportunity
But that depends on you

But never throw in the towel
Because things don’t go your way
Just ride the tides of patience
And keep focused on your dreams each and every day.

by Juanita Bratcher

We celebrate the memories created with the following sister Psi Otes who passed away from June 2011 to June 2012

Northeast District        

Mary Camp - Zeta Theta
RoseMary Bussler - Zeta Theta
Bea Gorton - Zeta Theta
Patricia Jo Messig - Zeta Theta
Jean Wertenberger - Phi
Dortha Watson - Phi
Carol Boger - Eta Xi

Northwest District

Choris Frazee - Delta Zeta
Mildred Hawker - Delta Zeta
Ruth E. Veldman - Eta Eta
Jeanette Westphal - Beta Xi
Lucille Viewig - Beta Xi
Diane Squibb - Iota Zeta
Helen Bodine - Gamma Sigma
E. Maxine Jones - Gamma Sigma
Carolyn H. Jewell - Gamma Sigma
Reba H. Acker - Gamma Sigma
Dorothy Biddle - Gamma Beta

East Central District

Mary Hasty Jacob - Gamma Tau
Diane Hyman - Gamma Tau
Dorothy Miltenberger - Gamma Tau
Mary Jane Brewer - Beta Zeta
Janice Fisher - Alpha
Patricia Hall - Alpha
Judy McPillip - Alpha
Katherine M. Brown - Delta Epsilon
Ruby Reitenour - Gamma Alpha
Dorothy Shinaberry - Gamma Alpha
Mary Ann Scothorn - Zeta Upsilon

West Central District

Maretta Shelby - Omega
Nancy Agan - Gamma Nu
Karol Roark  - Gamma Nu
Patty Wilson - Alpha Zeta
Suzanne McGaughey - Gamma Xi
Anita Fine - Gamma Xi
Lillian Mahan - Zeta Sigma

South East District

Marietta Reid - Alpha Pi
Anna Lee Carter - Alpha Pi
Erma E. Elliott - Gamma Eta
Cynthia O’Mara - Alpha Omega
Zella Matthews - Alpha Omega
Connie Zebell Wade - Alpha Omega
Dolly Sweet - Beta Pi
Roberta Lemley - Beta Pi
Rosemary Personette - Beta Pi
Alice Becker - Beta Pi
Jean Prather - Epsilon
Mary Lichtenfels - Beta Eta
Marlyy Crowe - Beta Eta
Wanda Hylton - Zeta Lambda

South West District

Natalie Weigand - Zeta
Florence Nebergall - Zeta
Betty Keene - Beta Beta
Fern Whitman - Beta Beta
Doris Sproatt - Beta Beta
Wanda Hannum - Beta Beta
Aline Raynolds - Beta Mu
Ruth O’Hara - Beta Mu
Kelly Motz - Beta Mu
Vera Warner - Alpha Psi
Betty Grubb - Alpha Psi
Paula Thomas - Gamma Rho

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