The 108th Convention of Psi Iota Xi was held June 24-26, 2011, at the Hyatt Renegcy Hotel in Indianapolis, Indiana. There were 209 members in attendance. Alpha Omega Chapter, North Vernon, Indiana, was the host chapter.

Deanna Howard, National President, announced the following:

2010 - 2011 Psi Iota Xi Philanthropic Contributions:

  • Profit Earned by 126 Chapters $901,583.47
  • Speech & Hearing Expenditures by Chapters $188,571.20
  • Music Expenditures by Chapters $101,954.37
  • Art Expenditures by Chapters $ 81,458.53
  • Cultural Expenditures by Chapters $183,412.90
  • Other Expenditures by Chapters $405,546.97
  • Literature/Literacy Project Expenditures by Chapters $107,630.25
  • Philanthropic Expenditures by Psi Iota Xi Chapters, State & National Associations, including Grants $935,026.38

2011 Winner of National Psi Ote of Year Award:

  • Jessica R. Pears, Zeta Theta, Niles, MI

Mitch Coggin, Pastor of First Presbyterian Church, Connersville, IN, gave the invocation.

The welcome was given on behalf of the City of North Vernon and Jennings County, IN, by Dr. Jennifer Stanley, member of Alpha Omega Chapter, North Vernon, IN.

Deanna Howard introduced Kristi Nolker, Chairman of the 108th Convention. Kristi introduced Jen Stanley and Linda Watts, Co-Chairmen of the 108th Convention. They extended a welcome to National Convention.

Janice Stagg, National Vice-President, gave the response and thanked Alpha Omega for their welcome to National Convention.

The National Memorial Service was led by Alpha Beta, Seymour, IN.

Cathy Etzler, National Project Chairman, introduced the representatives of the National Projects that spoke on behalf of his/her foundation:

  • Donnae Dole, Hoosier Art Salon
  • Ronda Biltz and Beatrice Pfaff, Deaf Youth Sports Festival
  • Katie Vaden, Professional Preparation in Cochlear Implants (PPCI)
  • Mary Peterson, Representative, Van Riper Lecture Series
  • David O’Connor, Chairman Designate and Robert Marks, Central Region Metropolitan Opera Regional Auditions
  • Kathy Dannels, Gift Officer, Riley Children’s Foundation
  • Dr. Rodney Gabel, University of Toledo, Associate Professor, University of Toledo’s Services for People Who Stutter Program
  • Nancy Minghetti, Executive Director, American Speech-Hearing-Language Foundation
  • Dr. Ann Tyler, Professor and Chair, Van Riper Lecture Series;
  • Dr. Richard Miyamoto, Indiana University, School of Medicine, Dept. of Otolaryngology
  • Bethany Colson, Riley Professorship

Past National President, Lesley Bookout, reported on the status of the Memorial Fund. By direction of the Past National Presidents, she moved that the interest earned on the 2010 Psi Iota Xi National Memorial Fund and funds from the Past National Presidents’ fundraiser are to be awarded as follows:

Psi Iota Xi National Memorial Fund & Past National Presidents’ Fundraiser:

Gallaudet University, Washington, D.C.$ 1,760

  • To be used for University Dance Scholarship for a Deaf Dancer
  • Payment to made in two installments of $880.00 each.
  • No discussion regarding award.

The motion to approve the National Projects was called for a vote. The motion carried and the following the projects were approved:

2011-2012 Approved National Projects:

Metropolitan Opera Central Region Audition Award$ 3,000

  • Reaches Northern Indiana & Illinois
  • No discussion regarding project.

Hoosier Art Salon $ 1,000

  • For a Touring Art Exhibit.
  • No discussion regarding project.

Van Riper Lecture Series, Western Michigan University$ 4,000

  • To co-sponsor the Van Riper Lecture Series. As co-sponsor, we will partner with Dept. of Speech Pathology & Audiology, providing the department with financial support in hosting this exceptional event.
  • There was discussion and a motion made to reduce the amount from the Van Riper Lecture proposal from $5,000 to $4,000 and to move $1,000 to the PPCI Project. Motion carried.

American Speech-Language-Hearing Foundation (ASHA)$ 8,000

  • To use for a new Investigator Research Grant and student research grants, both will insure advances in treatment for speech, language, or hearing disorders.
  • No discussion regarding project.

Deaf Youth Sports Festival$ 2,000

  • To be used for scholarships for participants in the week-long sports festival.
  • No discussion regarding project.

University of Toledo’s Services for People who Stutter Program$ 2,000

  • To fund a summer stuttering clinic for children to include clinical services, teaching/training of professionals, and research.
  • No discussion regarding project.

Psi Iota Xi National Literature/Literacy Project$ 3,000

  • Awarded to three chapters at $1,000 each to be used in their communities for literature or literacy programs.
  • Project will be awarded at the National Convention by drawing from each district.
  • Projects require approval by National Project Screening Committee as required by the National Bylaws.
  • No discussion regarding project.

Professional Preparation in Cochlear Implants (PPCI) Program $ 2,000

  • This project will provide funds to offset the costs of participant fees.
  • The Indianapolis site is in place and operational.
  • There was discussion about reducing funding from the Van Riper Lecture Series by $1,000 and increasing PPCI funding from $1,000 to $2,000. Motion was made and carried

Total       $27,760                   

Theta Kappa, Edon, OH moved that the 2014 Convention be held on June 21st and 22nd at the Grand Wayne Convention Center, in Fort Wayne, IN. The motion carried and the invitation was accepted.

During brunch, Iota Tau Chapter, Indianapolis, IN, presented their invitation to the 2012 National Convention in Carmel, IN.

Also, Sigma Chapter, Greensburg IN, issued an invitation to the 2013 National Convention on June 28-30, 2013 Crowne Plaza Hotel at Union Station, Indianapolis,IN.

Achievement Awards

Largest Amount Contributed to ALL Symphonies:   Epsilon, Columbus, IN $ 3,550.00 SE

Largest Amount Per Capita, For All Music Projects:  Eta Lambda, Beech Grove, IN $   321.42 WC

Largest Amount Per Capita, For All Art Projects (Fine Arts):  Eta Lambda, Beech Grove, IN $   327.50 WC

Largest Amount to All Cultural Projects:  Epsilon, Columbus, IN $11,262.84 SE

Largest Amount Per Capita, Contributed to Speech and Hearing:  Eta Gamma, Valparaiso, IN $   719.95 NW

Largest Amount Per Capita-All Philanthropic Projects: 

  • Eta Zeta, Nappanee, IN (1st place) $ $ 1,320.32 NW
  • Eta Lambda, Beech Grove, IN (2nd place) $ 1,299.00 WC

Largest Amount Per Capita for Literacy/Literature:  Theta Alpha, New Palestine, IN $   250.00 SE

Largest Amount Per Capita for All Other Projects: (Delta Zeta Community Outreach)  Eta Zeta, Nappanee, IN $ 1,194.43 NW

 Alpha Upsilon Volunteer Service Hours Per Capita Award:  Beta Sigma, St. Joseph, IL $     83.78 WC

Attendance Award:  Gamma Omega, Tipton, IN 97.50% EC

 Louise Clark Convention Attendance Award:  Theta Nu, Lexington, KY, Fully Registered 67% SE

 New Chapter Gift: (Painting)  Iota Tau, Indianpolis, IN

 Literature/Literacy Awards:  Deanna Howard, National President, announced the winners

  • Northern Districts –Beta Xi, Crown Point, IN
  • Central Districts –Beta Zeta, Summitville, IN
  • Southern Districts – Iota Rho, Odon, IN

Compiled by:

Kim Crawley, National Secretary, 2010-2011

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